• Yarn

    It all starts with the yarn and because of that, we are dedicated to sourcing and stocking the best qualities from around the world. From a basic 30s singles 100% cotton to a Modal yarn dye to novelty nep yarn, we are always looking for the latest advancements and developments in yarn to produce new and innovative fabrics. Our relationships with trusted yarn suppliers have allowed us to be a proud supplier of Lenzing fibers (Modal and Tencel) and offer certification for other fibers such as organic cotton.
  • Knitting

    Our ability to offer such a large selection of basic and novelty knits is made possible because of our access to many different types of knitting machines. The average time to knit one yard of fabric is about 5 minutes, less or more depending on the type of the knit. It takes about an average of one day to do a new set up (change yarn and needles) on our knits machines. Because of this, we keep our machines running day and night to ensure the quickest lead times.
  • Dyeing

    Working with the best dye houses in Los Angeles ensures the best quality for the dyeing and finishing stages of the process. We use reactive and dispersed dyes to piece dye our fabrics. We also do a large amount of PFD programs, with and without bleach for customers who garment dye on their own. Our dye houses use state-of-the-art lab equipment to match any color of your choosing. All of our dye houses follow strict California law, which requires them to recycle a percentage of their water and use low impact dyes.
  • Finishing

    After dyeing, we offer treatments such as laundering and brushing, depending on the customer’s preferences and end use. After the fabric is released from the dye house, we take extra steps to ensure the fabric is 1st quality with our Quality Control steps: inspecting the goods for any potential damages, checking color, and testing the fabric for shrinkage and torque.

Starting with yarn and finishing with detailed inspection, we take pride in our step by step process of delivering quality fabrics.  All of our fabrics are made in Los Angeles, allowing us to offer fast lead-times for samples, production and development. 

We keep sample yardage on hand and can ship out of our warehouse within 48 hours once the order is placed. Beyond sampling, all of our fabrics are made to order. Our minimums vary depending on weight, style and color, however the average is around 1000yards per color.  We also offer PFD fabrics for customers who garment dye or cannot meet our piece dye minimums. 

Since we do not stock fabrics, we are unable to fill smaller sized orders. This is because our dye machines are only suitable for full dye lots of fabric.  Our knitting machines also have minimums for set-up, since each new set-up takes an average of one day.  We try to work with new start-ups and smaller brands when possible and we understand not everyone can take on 1000 yards of one fabric, but because we are made to order, we are rarely able to accommodate small orders.

Many of our loyal clients use our development services to make new, custom fabrics.  When a designer brings us a swatch, we have our experienced developer break down the content, weight and type of knit. Once we have this information we can estimate price per yard and then move forward with producing a sample roll, which normally takes around 6 weeks to process. We can also customize the fabrics on our line by weight, composition, and color, which many of our customers take advantage of. For custom colors, we use a color standard provided by the customer and send it to a dye house for lab dipping, which takes 1-2 weeks.